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By Dirk Oct 01, 2015

Op 6 oktober 2015 is het weer zover, de activiteiten commissie het PvIB organiseert haar jaarlijkse Capture the Flag (CTF) of Penetratietest event.

Dirk was van de partij:
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By Dirk Mar 07, 2014


During our penetration testing activities, we are often confronted with environments that are constructed using off-the-shelf or open source third-party components / frameworks. Although off-the-shelf or open source may suggest a certain level security, we always advise to include such elements in the scope of the test, as you never know what you may find.

By Dirk Jul 10, 2013

Recently, I was talking with a friend and they brought up the subject of my job. After explaining that I get to hack into companies’ websites, networks and whatnot, they asked the Inevitable Question that tends to follow in such a conversation:

“So, how do you actually hack a website?”