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Why Schuberg Philis chooses The S-Unit


It is the people actually

"If you try to do everything for everyone, you will become mediocre for everyone", says Frank Breedijk, Chief Information Security Officer at Schuberg Philis, when he explains the vision of the company. Schuberg Philis is an innovative company and market leader when it comes to outsourcing critical business processes. Critical business processes mean: the IT infrastructure which supports business operations without which the company cannot do business.
It is therefore essential that these business processes work properly and safely and that is why Schuberg Philis attaches great importance to this. Something that The S-Unit has been supporting them with for years.


Read the rest of the conversation with Frank in the E-book Schuberg Philis.


Frank Breedijk, Chief Information
Security Officer at Schuberg Philis

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