Red teaming 
The core of offensive security lies in seeing security through the eyes of a hacker. You cannot get closer to this than with a red teaming. We use a realistic attack simulation to measure the resilience of your organization against an advanced attacker. Where a penetration test can be seen as a test, a red teaming is the final exam.

In a red teaming the detection and response measures are also examined. Just like a real attacker, we work as unobtrusively as possible, so that the Blue team (the SOC analysts), without their knowledge, are challenged to detect an attack in their network. 

Unlike a penetration test, the goal of a red teaming is not to expose as many vulnerabilities as possible. Instead, this method aims to verify that the total set of security measures in place provides adequate protection against a real attacker. 

Our hackers will try to stay in your network for a longer period of time. Under the radar, they acquire rights in your systems and information about your crown jewels. When they have all the pieces of the puzzle in place, so-called Actions on objectives are carried out: malicious actions that demonstrate the impact of the attack. 

Modular red teaming

Put together a red teaming project that exactly matches your wishes and information needs. We offer red teaming services based on modules, where a module contains one or more activities with a specific goal within the project. We would be happy to discuss your information needs with you in order to come to a suitable composition of modules together.


The TIBER-NL programme, led by the Dutch Central Bank, aims to increase the cyber resilience of the financial sector. The resulting framework is also very useful for other vital sectors, such as the healthcare, telecom or energy sector. Is your organization obliged to carry out a TIBER-NL or do you wish to use this framework? The S-Unit is the Red Team Provider for your TIBER-NL test.

Purple teaming workshop

A direct collaboration between our hackers (the red team) and your security team (the blue team) to improve your detection and response capabilities. Choose a purple teaming workshop as part of your red teaming or stand-alone technique to take your Security Operations Center (SOC) to the next level.

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