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Hack In The Random 2600 NL Data Box 2013 edition

By Barry Dec 31, 2013
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Hack In The Random 2600 NL Data Box 2013 logo

In December the groups Hack in The Box, 2600NL and Randomdata organized again a new edition of HITR2NDB (Hack In The Random 2600 NL Data Box).
The agenda was promising again from hardcore tech to inspiring community talks:

  • Opening – by Fish_ and Junk
  • RIPE aTTYlas – by Ardillo
  • Speed and Size-Optimized Implementations of the PRESENT Cipher for Tiny AVR Devices – by Kostas Papagiannopoulos and Aram Verstegen
  • ‘What is Deeeezzzzeeee?’ Got root < 5 minutes – by SYNNACK
  • The Noble Art of Wasting Time – by Peter ‘blasty’ Geissler
  • One gadget to rule them all – by Brainsmoke
  • #HOSSEL DIE SMATJE – by Flunk
  • The Dubai Taxi Driver – by Mark Fonseca Rendeiro

ITQ was one of the sponsors of the event. You can find the video’s of HITR2NDB at the youtube channel of Randomdata

The agenda in detail:

Time Subject
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By Fish_ and Junk, a short wrapup about 2013 full of HITB, 2600 and Randomdata. And what for goodnezzzz is planned for 2014

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In june this year we held a RIPE atlas presentation @RandomData (to make the biggest internet measuring tool). A half hour after the presentation we hacked our first atlas node. After four evenings of hardware investigation (first RSpliet and Ardillo, and later on reinforced with SYNNACK, [com]buster and voozl) we started to do the network part. So what could we do with one simple node going 1337 in the Atlas network? A short presentation with the results and getting there.

Ardillo, Jeroen van Prooijen, currently student. Most of the time busy with hardware and electronics projects like, led wallboard, RandomKey, organizing Arduino workshops for beginners. Has some knowledge in electronics, image processing and biometrics. Security enthousiast. Did some DIY drone projects as well.

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Speed and Size-Optimized Implementations of the PRESENT Cipher for Tiny AVR Devices

Kostas Papagiannopoulos and Aram Verstegen are master students in the Kerckhoffs programme for computer security presenting their results from the course Cryptography Engineering taught at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. Kostas is currently employed as a PhD student in the Digital Security Group at the Radboud University in Nijmegen.

Their goal was to implement the symmetric 64-bit block cipher PRESENT in AVR microcontroller assembly, optimizing two variants to be the fastest and smallest implementations available, while targeting one of the most basic AVR devices available – the ATtiny45. This presentation will cover the techniques used to restructure the algorithm to match the target architecture for maximal speed and minimal size.

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‘What is Deeeezzzzeeee?’ Got root < 5 minutes

By SYNNACK: Reverse engineer. Hacker. Programmer

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The Noble Art of Wasting Time

By Peter ‘blasty’ Geissler, @bl4sty is an independent security researcher/programmer and avid CTF Player. Known for facilitating code execution on Nintendo Wii and other game console related platforms. Organizer of Hack In The Box CTF competitions. Spoke at HITB 2013 AMS about owning DSL modems using memory corruption.

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One gadget to rule them all

By Brainsmoke
A weird machine at the heart of every UNIX system Signal handling has been an integral part of UNIX systems since the earliest implementation in the 1970s. Nowadays, we find signals in all common flavors of UNIX systems. While each flavor handles signals in slightly different ways, the implementations are very similar. In this talk I will describe a new exploitation method, SROP, which uses the UNIX signal delivery system to construct (turing complete!) exploit programs inside any process.
I will demonstrate SROP can be used for:
- easy exploitation
- stealthy backdoors
- code signing circumvention (on iOS)
As well as show how SROP can be mitigated against.

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By Flunk A pentesters guide to gaining root access to the opposite sex. or a while now #HOSSELDIESMATJE has been the creed of #2600nl. But what does it mean? Literally it means to fornicate with saucy wenches. From my personal experience. I’ve learned that there are many similarities between pentesting and fornication. In this persentation I will elaborate on my personal experiences and give practical advice so hopefully we can all #HOSSELDIESMATJE.

Subjects covered include:
- Scanning
- Fuzzing
- IDS/IPS evasion
- Firewalls
- Buffer overflows
- Backdoors
- (Spear)phishing

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17:45 0xf00d
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The Dubai Taxi Driver by Mark Fonseca Rendeiro

In the summers of 2010 and 2011 I spent several weeks in the world-famous symbol of urban modernity – Dubai. A city that some hate for its money driven mentality and others celebrate as an example of making something wondrous out of a desert of nothing. But what caught my attention then and has stayed with me since, are the wonderful people who live in the shadows of the sky scrapers and the 5-star hotels. They are, as you have no doubt heard about, migrant workers, from all across South Asia and elsewhere. They cook, they clean, they repair things, and yes- they drive. From the moment I arrived in Dubai and every day after that, I was sitting in taxi cabs enthralled in conversations about life in this city-of-the-future; families back in Pakistan and India, dreams of returning to Afghanistan, and the perils of dealing with those crazy traveling westerners. I learned about the world from the front seat of a four door sedan while stuck in traffic on my way across this middle eastern metropolis. What I wished above all in those moments, is that the world could hear and learn along with me. Dubai Creek, 2010Dubai Creek, 2010 That is my mission. To sit in traffic. To hear about family back in India, education in Bangladesh, and the best way to peel a pomegranate according to a Kandahari. After two weeks of riding around town I will have a rare collection of life moments and realities the likes of which have rarely been heard. Yet anyone who lives in a major city in this world will be able to recognize the beauty and the hardship that goes hand in hand with leaving loved ones behind and trying to make it in this unsympathetic global economy.

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro aka Bicyclemark; Portuguese-American, Amsterdam based, alternative journalist and independent podcast producer specializing in online journalism, social movements and global conflicts. Co-host of Newz of the World, a weekly international news review podcast. Trainer for Small World News, a media development NGO specializing in video and audio story telling as well as new media education.

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