Bridging The Security Gap


By Dirk Oct 01, 2015

Op 6 oktober 2015 is het weer zover, de activiteiten commissie het PvIB organiseert haar jaarlijkse Capture the Flag (CTF) of Penetratietest event.

Dirk was van de partij:
Zie de PVIB website

By Barry Apr 24, 2015

In the past week I was kind of busy with the Cyber Security Week in the Netherlands, GCCS2015, NCSC One conference, HSD event, radio, TV... It all contained cyber, cyber…. cyber

So what is a cyber?

By Jeroen Mar 05, 2015

The standard RaspberryPi Kali images won't work on the RaspberryPi2, The S-Unit created this blog to tell you how you can compile your own images and install it on your brand new Pi2.