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We at The S-Unit are a bit special. You could call us nerds, professional idiots, tech enthusiasts or outspoken experts. And we are proud of that. Do you also fit into this list of names and do you share our passion for security? Then we'd love to hear from you!
Je werk is leuker als je soms stout mag zijn. Hoe mooi is het dat we daarmee de wereld ook nog eens een beetje veiliger maken?
IT security is an increasingly important social issue. The S-Unit helps organizations test and improve their safety. We are always looking for colleagues who like us – in a creative and sometimes unorthodox way – want to work on the digital resilience of our customers in the Netherlands and abroad. Because you understand, just like us, that security goes beyond automated scans, searching for known vulnerabilities and drawing up a report. Right?
Work hard, play hard.
The S-Unit is a close group of hardworking professionals with a heart for the business and society, but also for each other. So we also make time for fun. Will you join our next nerfgun fight, CTF or Boulder session?
Becoming a professional security companion.
Because security is really a profession in its own right, we are looking for you: enthusiast, expert and/or professional idiot in the field of technology, information security or ethical hacking.



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