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We identify the risks that are unique to your situation. Translate them into practical advice. Our customers believe in this approach and therefore often commit themselves to us for a long time. This way we work together continuously on their solutions for tomorrow.

Our clients. Our customers understand that security is an unmistakably important value for their business. So together we build the safety of their environment. To achieve the best results.

Mendix is a software platform with which mobile and web applications can be built and improved on a large scale. The platform should provide companies with a secure foundation for their own applications. As a trusted advisor, The S-Unit performs monthly penetration tests on the software platform so that Mendix can continue to deliver a safe and reliable platform to its customers.
Maasstad Hospital is a top clinical training hospital in Rotterdam-Zuid. The hospital strives to continuously improve the quality of life and does so professionally and carefully. With the choice of The S-Unit, the Maasstad Hospital has a strategic partner in the field of security and information security. The S-Unit carries out penetration tests, keeps Maasstad informed on a regular basis of developments and trends in the security landscape, monitors the security agenda and makes clear reports so that they are easy to present internally.
Schuberg Philis is an expert in business-critical applications. The organization helps companies to make these applications future-proof and to let them develop along with the business. A clear focus and strong customer relationship ensure that Schuberg Philis can deliver the quality that customers expect from them. Through Schuberg Philis, The S-Unit performs regular (and sometimes ad hoc) penetration tests. This ensures independent validation of the security qualities of this organization.
Riksja Travel is a travel company where travelers can put together every building block of their holiday without having to figure everything out in advance. The wishes and ideas are introduced and Riksja Travel compiles the travel plan. The S-Unit provides services to Riksja Travel through a punch card, so Riksja Travel can purchase the various services of The S-Unit when it needs them.
ICTRecht is the largest and most experienced full-service consultancy in the field of ICT law, privacy and security. With a team of more than 70 specialists, ICTRecht has been providing organizations with expert and practical advice for years. ICTRecht is flexible, innovative and proactively thinks along with customers. The S-Unit has a collaboration with ICT Recht in the field of penetration testing and knowledge sharing and is regularly in front of the (digital) class to teach a security session.
Mediahuis is a European media group with companies active in Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland and Luxembourg. Independent news brands and reliable journalism are at the heart of the organization. News consumers have 24/7 access to the journalistic heart of Mediahuis through strong brands such as De Telegraaf, NRC, Vrouw, Prive, De Standaard, Het Nieuwsblad, Sunday Independent.The S-Unit supports Mediahuis groep in the field of cyber security as a trusted partner by providing targeted advice on complex substantive issues, the implementation of offensive security tests, and organizing an annual CTF (Capture the Flag) event to stimulate and increase the awareness and knowledge level of developers, engineers and employees.
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