Information wants to be free. So we like to share our knowledge with both our customers and the rest of society.

The S-Unit is committed to the community and social initiatives. For example, we organize several CTFs for the community every year and we contribute to digital resilience among children. We do this through our ambassadorship of Hack in the Class and Hackshield and we teach at primary schools. We are also a member of the Information Security Platform and have been involved in Hack in the Box for many years. But we are also socially concerned in other ways. For example, we do pro bono tests for non-profits, hold presentations and open source security tools. Because we feel it is our duty to help society improve.

Hackshield is a game for children between 8 and 12 years old that stimulates digital resilience. Through the game, children are trained to become real cyber agents and is a permanent part of the teaching material of The S-Unit.

During the annual Hack in the Box (HITB) conferences, ideas are exchanged in the field of cybersecurity. The S-Unit believes it is important to contribute to the organization of these conferences. Because Hack in the Box not only provides knowledge from the business world, but also gives us information about what is going on in ‘the underground’. By investing in HITB, The S-Unit can translate that important information into solutions for customers. And that's eventually why we do what we do.

Hack in the Class offers a first introduction to the hacking world at primary and secondary schools. The ins and outs of hacking are explained and students are then allowed to work on this themselves.

The S-Unit is a member of the platform for Information Security (Platform voor Informatiebeveiliging PvIB) and has been actively participating in this for years by sharing knowledge and ideas.

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