Security Awareness

Safety starts with the awareness of people within the organization. With our Security Awareness service, we therefore aim to improve the behavior of employees with regard to cybersecurity. We do this in a concrete way that meets your needs. From a workshop to a targeted (yearly) program.

Why Security Awareness?

Clicking on a link in a phishing email, downloading unsafe software or sharing (confidential) information with people outside the organization. 70% of IT security incidents are caused by employees themselves. They are often insufficiently aware of their role and cybercriminals abuse this.

How do we approach Security Awareness?

We first listen to the real needs of the organization. Is that a training or a short security program or perhaps a yearly program? The program will start with a baseline measurement and we will hold regular evaluation sessions to monitor progress. Of course we ensure that our program is in line with your sector, market, strategy and wishes. This is how you get the best results.

Want to improve awareness of cybersecurity within your organization? Please contact our Security Advisor Team.

The S-Unit supports you in giving substance to your awareness program

Security Awareness trainings

During the interactive training we show employees how hackers work and how they can protect themselves against them. Would you rather train employees continuously? Then choose the Security Awareness Platform.

Capture The Flag (CTF)

A Capture The Flag hacking event consists of a series of online challenges in which participants must exploit vulnerabilities to win flags.

Various measurement methods

We apply various measurement methods to measure and increase the level of security awareness within the organization. Think about phishing campaigns via email or phone, our CLaaS and Kraken tools and mystery guests.

More information about Security Awareness?

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