The S-University

How do you recognize phishing? What is a secure password? To keep your organization safe, your employees must have sufficient knowledge and skills. The S-University trains them on that. In doing so, we pay attention to all essential aspects.


Onze kennis en kunde brengen we als onderdeel van onze missie over op vakgenoten via onze trainingen. Samen bouwen aan een veiligere digitale maatschappij.

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Security Awareness

The S-Unit helpt organisaties met onder andere phishing campagnes, mystery guests en trainingen om het security bewustzijn binnen de organisatie een boost te geven.

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Capture The Flag

During a Capture The Flag (CTF) hacking event of The S-Unit, teams compete against each other to solve as many challenges as possible within a certain time with the goal to learn to think like a hacker.

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Workshops & Presentaties

Een lezing of presentatie van de specialisten van The S-Unit over security. Op basis van jarenlange ervaring geven zij tips en tricks om uw security te verbeteren.

Security Awareness Platform

Our intuitive and accessible Security Awareness Platform makes the right training material available to the right people at the right time.

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