Mystery guest

How is the physical resilience of your organization? You can assess that with our Mystery Guest service. This is the perfect way to discover how employees handle sensitive information within the organization and what measures the organization has taken to protect its network.

In our Mystery Guest service, we send a security specialist to infiltrate the organization. This specialist might pose as a printer technician or service provider to gain physical access. Once inside, they attempt to access information and systems, and observe how employees handle sensitive information like passwords. These actions help assess whether and to what extent unauthorized access can be obtained to the premises and workspaces, how carefully (confidential) information is handled, and how employees react to a mystery guest.

This is how a mystery guest works

Before our mystery guest gets to work, we define the scope together. In this scope, we establish what the mystery guest should pay attention to, what they carry, and which measures around physical information security they should test. Specific issues can also be included, such as an empty-desk policy, visitor policy, and access to specific areas. After the visit, the mystery guest reports their findings, and optionally, we collaboratively create an action plan to enhance the physical security within the organization.

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