Cybercrisis Simulation

How much guidance do your plans provide for responding to cyber crisis situations? How up-to-date are they? And how resilient is your organization in an emergency? Exactly these questions are answered during the Cyber Crisis Simulation, where a realistic crisis situation is simulated under the guidance of information security consultants from The S-Unit. In one or more interactive sessions, participants are trained in detecting and responding to security incidents. Additionally, the simulation tests how the organization collaborates during a crisis situation.

Why a Cybercrisis Simulation?

By simulating incidents in a safe environment, vulnerabilities in information security policies and measures are exposed under controlled conditions, allowing the organization to learn and implement improvements. Employees gain experience in collaborating under pressure, strengthening teamwork, and preparing the team for a crisis situation. A prepared individual is worth twice as much, let alone a prepared team.

During the simulation, participants are presented with a simulated crisis situation and go through various aspects of crisis management, including different decision-making moments. Participants operate from their relevant roles and are exposed to both practical and theoretical assessments.

Why a Cybercrisis Simulation by The S-Unit?

In the over 10 years that The S-Unit has been active in the field of cybersecurity, our experts have encountered numerous attacks, data breaches, and security incidents. We are embedded within the hackers' community, allowing us to precisely understand the ongoing developments and how cybercriminals will attempt to infiltrate your organization. The specialists at The S-Unit can therefore uniquely prepare your organization, ensuring you stay a step ahead of cybercriminals.

Want to determine if your organization is well-prepared for a cyber crisis? Contact our Security Advisor Team.

The process of a Cybercrisis Simulation


Prior to the cyber crisis simulation, it is tailored specifically for the organization. All necessary preparations are made to execute the simulation. 

Cybercrisis Simulation

During the simulation, participants are presented with a simulated crisis situation, and all aspects of crisis management are navigated, including various decision-making moments. 

Reporting and Evaluation

After the cyber crisis simulation, we compile our findings. We create a management summary that includes practical advice at the organizational level.

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