Phishing campaign

Phishing continues to be one of the most successful ways for cybercriminals to infiltrate an organization. Therefore, it remains crucial to keep employees aware of recognizing phishing emails and performing the desired follow-up actions. With a customized phishing email campaign, we enhance the awareness and resilience of employees.

Why a phishing campaign by The S-Unit?

We provide tailored phishing campaigns that are customized to your organization and your specific goals for the phishing campaign. We incorporate relevant current events, your industry, and the latest techniques.
Is a Microsoft E5 license present within the organization? If so, we can collaborate on the campaign and provide support, such as creating a custom design, tailored to your needs.

What is the process of a phishing campaign?

During a phishing campaign, we send one or more as realistic as possible phishing email(s). Of course, without the malware that's typically associated with them. A phishing campaign provides insight into the organization regarding how employees respond to phishing. How often do they click on the links, and how often do they report it? This information is vital for building a secure organization.

Curious about how your employees handle a phishing email? Get in touch with our Security Advisor Team.

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