Guidance & Advice

Advice on cybersecurity policy and best practices? Assistance in making strategic choices and embedding them within the organization? Need extra brainpower for your SOC or CERT? Looking for a partner for your CISO, or temporary fulfillment of that role? Our team of cybersecurity experts, who look at the world from both a defensive and offensive perspective, is ready to support you on a project basis or a long-term arrangement. With their profound understanding of all critical cybersecurity topics and standards, together with their experiences across diverse industries, they bridge the gap between a decent cybersecurity approach and a truly exceptional one.

ISO 27001 Implementation and Maintenance

Obtaining the ISO 27001 certification sends a powerful signal about the state of cybersecurity within an organization, both externally and internally. Certification, especially the preparation and maintenance aspects, requires knowledge and effort that might not fall under the daily responsibilities of the internal security team. This is precisely where the cybersecurity experts at The S-Unit come into play. Not only are we certified ourselves, but we have also assisted various organizations across different industries in achieving the same certification. Already certified but approaching recertification or the annual assessment? We are more than willing to help ensure a smooth and efficient process.

The power of an objective perspective

Undoubtedly, within your organization, there are various working groups and discussions focused on cybersecurity. An external perspective - viewing through both defensive and offensive lenses - can be incredibly valuable in these settings. As a result, our experts frequently participate as an additional set of eyes in cybersecurity teams across diverse organizations and industries. In conjunction with our Threat Notification and Intelligence (TN&I) service - where we proactively inform you about trends and vulnerabilities that we observe in the external landscape, particularly relevant to your organization - we provide invaluable insights that can truly make a difference.

The cybersecurity tailored solution

Does your organization have unique requirements, or did you not find exactly what you're looking for in the previous information? Our versatile cybersecurity experts are well-versed in various domains and are dedicated to designing a custom service that aligns perfectly with your organization. Get in touch, and we'll explore how we can provide support tailored to your needs!

Do you also require security guidance and advice specific to your organization? Contact our Security Advisor Team.

ISO 27001 Implementation

In addition to being certified ourselves, The S-Unit also assists organizations in implementing ISO 27001.

CERT consultation

This can also be combined with our Trends, News & Insight service so that the organization is not only informed about the advice but also stays up-to-date with the latest developments and vulnerabilities.

Customized Guidance & Advice

Depending on the specific challenges your organization is facing, we are always ready to brainstorm and provide a tailored solution. Get in touch, and we'll explore how we can provide support!