Offensive security is also about making the organization better equipped to make it resilient against attacks. A complex issue that is often comprehensive. The S-Unit then fulfills the role of sparring partner. Our consultants help bring your organization's security level to the desired level.

With consultancy we offer a wide range of services. In doing so, we mainly look at the needs that exist within your organization.

This way we can think along about the security strategy and other information security issues. We can also participate in your SOC or CERT and contribute our expertise here. In addition, we offer guidance and advice in, for example, implementing the information¬security policies, such as ISO 27001 and NEN 7510, or in audits. And we provide the so-called Security officer/CISO as a Service service.

Our consultants have a heart for security and love to share their wisdom and insights. That's why we give awareness training, do phishing campaigns and social engineering attacks. And of course, we can periodically provide you with news and information in the field of security through our Trends, News & Insight service.

Our consultants

Thinking along, contributing expertise and advise. We do this in different areas. Our certified consultants will help you where we can add the most value. And yes, we would like to discuss this with you.

Guidance & Advice

Guidance and advice on, among other things, security strategy and audits.

Cyber crisis

Cybercrisis Simulation

A dry run: how does the organization deal with a cyber incident? One or more interactive sessions under the guidance of information security experts from The S-Unit.

Interim (C)ISO

Temporarily strengthen your team with an Information Security Officer from The S-Unit. Our expert guides and advises you in the field of security.

Mystery Guest

We test whether your organization is sufficiently secure and whether your employees are alert enough. For this we send a mystery guest to infiltrate the organization.

Phishing Campaign

We test whether your employees recognize phishing emails and how they deal with them. With this we give a boost to their awareness and resilience.

Trends, News & Insight

Keep up to date with current trends and receive alerts about relevant threats.

CLaaS Tool

With the CLaaS tool (Cryptolocker as a Service) designed by our specialists, we show you in a safe way what the consequences of a ransomware attack are for your organization.

Kraken Tool

With the Kraken tool designed by our specialists, you gain insight into the weak passwords among employees.

Get your own security companion.

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