Capture The Flag

Develop a hacker mindset and learn to recognize vulnerabilities within web applications. With our Capture The Flag (CTF) hacking events, you can do that in a fun and challenging way.

Why Capture The Flag?

During a CTF hacking event, different teams compete against each other to solve as many challenges as possible within a specific time frame. They collect "flags" as they solve challenges, with more flags resulting in more points. With a CTF hacking event, we teach employees how to find vulnerabilities in a challenging way and recognize their underlying causes. This creates awareness and enables employees to write even more secure applications. This contributes to the quality of the organization or its customers' services.

The right challenge for every employee

The CTF events of S-Unit are valuable for junior, medior and senior employees. We have the right challenges for every level, so that everyone can develop in the field of security. Team building is central to our CTF event. Your employees compete against each other in teams. They work together and exchange valuable knowledge. In this way, in addition to security awareness, you also strengthen the team spirit among your employees.

Mendix CTF

As a trusted advisor, The S-Unit has been conducting monthly penetration tests on the Mendix software platform since 2016. We are happy to share this knowledge and expertise. That is why, together with Mendix, we organize a Capture The Flag hacking event every year, fully focused on Mendix applications.

Discover vulnerabilities in a challenging way? Request a CTF event via our Security Advisor Team.

More information about Capture The Flag?

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