Stronger and more secure with Mendix and The S-Unit

Mendix simplifies application development through its low-code technology, making it accessible even to developers with limited security knowledge. This ease of access can lead to vulnerabilities due to security oversights. Consequently, while organizations can quickly deploy applications, they also face increased hacking risks.

Ethical hacking

Although Mendix is known for its high usability, integration capabilities, and flexibility concerning cybersecurity, the security of the applications ultimately depends on the developers. A platform that is not build- and used securely always results in a vulnerable end product. More and more organizations that develop Mendix applications are starting to realize the crucial importance of penetration testing and, therefore, turn to The S-Unit's expertise for support. Our experts understand how security works and how it applies explicitly to the Mendix platform.

The S-Unit has been performing penetration tests on both Mendix applications and the underlying platform since 2015. We serve not only organizations that develop these applications but are also the official in-house penetration testers for Mendix. This way, we contribute to the platform's cybersecurity so everyone can build on it.

Knowledge sharing at The S-Unit

We place great emphasis on community strengthening through extensive knowledge sharing, which includes training courses and our annual Mendix Capture the Flag (CTF) event.

Our Mendix security training puts participants in the mindset of a hacker, providing practical skills to scrutinize applications from an offensive perspective. This hands-on approach making it tangible and engaging.

During the Mendix CTF event, participants are challenged in an exciting hacking competition. They have to find and exploit vulnerabilities in Mendix applications to test and refine their skills. In addition to the hacking competition, several Mendix workshops are available, allowing participants to explore different facets of cybersecurity. Whether you are an experienced hacker or just starting, the Mendix CTF event provides an experience for challenge and learning.


Why The S-Unit?

  • Experienced in-house specialists: our experts have been testing Mendix apps since 2015.
  • Always Up-to-date: We continuously update our knowledge by testing for Mendix organizations and Mendix itself, ensuring we remain at the forefront of Mendix Security.
  • Know-how: We share our knowledge during penetration tests, training courses, and our annual Mendix CTF (Capture the Flag) event.

Stay Up to Date with us

  • Through a steady stream of Mendix Pentests, including those for Mendix itself, we maintain cutting-edge- expertise that benefits your organization.
  • We leverage this knowledge to enhance your proficiency through targeted trainings and events.

Are you looking for a security partner for your Mendix apps?

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