CLaaS (Cryptolocker as a Service)

Curious about the impact of a ransomware attack on your organization? We can show you in a secure manner using our homemade CLaaS tool. CLaaS simulates a ransomware infection and scans your network for data that could be stolen or encrypted by ransomware. This provides insights into your environment's security without actually encrypting your files.

Why the CLaaS tool?

Ransomware is one of the most significant threats to organizations in the realm of cybercrime. An infection can have far-reaching consequences, such as system downtime, ransom costs, mandatory reporting to the Data Protection Authority, and more. These consequences are often exacerbated because organizations are unaware of which data in their networks is (inadvertently) accessible. CLaaS counters this by providing your organization with secure insights into where and which data is exposed within the network. This enables appropriate measures to be taken to mitigate unintended data exposure and protect consciously shared data.

What is the process of the CLaaS tool?

The impact of a ransomware attack heavily relies on two factors that together form a scenario. On one hand, it's the user who gets infected and the rights they possess. On the other hand, it's the device where the infection occurs and the network it's connected to. Together with you, we determine which scenarios are interesting to simulate and set up the necessary elements for the simulation. Once CLaaS has gathered all the data, our consultants will review the results with you to ascertain to what extent the identified data is intentionally exposed and what the risk of exposure entails. Based on this, a report will be compiled, offering an overview of the impact as well as advice on subsequent steps for risk mitigation.

More information about the CLaaS tool? Contact our Security Advisor Team.

More information about the CLaaS Tool?

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