Out-of-the-box and outspoken. Creative in solutions, technically well-versed and always driven to offer added value. We have been around for 10 years, but have been familiar faces in the Dutch security world for much longer. We are The S-Unit. Your Security Companion.

We’re the good guys. With the perspective of a cybercriminal. So we know exactly how to properly arrange the security.

Who we are. We are security enthusiasts. With controlled attacks, we reveal the vulnerabilities of your environment. We expose the underlying problem, in clear language and with clear insights. To then give thorough and honest advice on functional areas for improvement. So you can work on real solutions. 

From banks and government organizations to software suppliers and healthcare institutions. Our customers are everywhere in society. For each of them, IT is invaluable to achieve commercial or societal goals. But where technology offers opportunities, it also makes your business vulnerable. We have a genuine interest in you, know your environment and the market in which you operate. And also know what issues you are facing. We investigate them and then resolve them together. We want to bridge the gap between risks and measures. Actually, we put our finger on the sore spot. And come up with long-term solutions that make your organization demonstrably safer.

Our customers understand that security is not a necessary evil, but an undeniably important value for their business. They believe in our approach and therefore often commit themselves to us for a long time. Together we build the safety of their environment. And that's exactly how we like to work. With people. Because that's how we achieve the best results. For now, but also for later.

10 years of security. Ten years of custom work, technical depth and creativity to actually offer added value.

Where we come from. Where we started 10 years ago from the desire to conduct technical, in-depth security research, we have now grown into a knowledge partner with a with an idiosyncratic approach towards success. And we fulfill the role of security companion. And where technical depth, creativity and customization were our starting points 10 years ago, they still are today. We deliver added value to all types of organizations. And thus bridge the gap between risks and measures.

Dirk van Veen and Barry Van Kampen met in 2011 through Hack in the Box Amsterdam. Barry was the founder of one of the first hackerspaces in the Netherlands and the organizer of Hack in the Box, already a well-known name in the security community. Dirk had just completed a technical Master in Computer Security and was looking for a place to further develop his hacking ambitions. The click was there immediately and together Barry and Dirk set up a business unit within ITQ for Offensive Security; The S-Unit. The starting point? No check marks, standard lists or automated scans, but customization with the focus on technical depth, creativity and the creation of added value. That drive continued in the community, which actively focused on the organization of international conferences, hacking competitions and other security-related initiatives. The approach was a success, the business unit grew and in 2015 The S-Unit became officially independent. Since 2018, The S-Unit has been part of the DSE-groep.

Meanwhile, the team of The S-Unit consists of twenty stubborn professionals who do not shy away from being thrown into the deep end. Doing independent research and creating customized solutions for specific security issues are the order of the day. Analyzing new technologies such as Mendix, guiding CISOs in setting up a security roadmap or providing practical advice within a CERT, they tackle the work with both hands. But no matter what issue comes up and no matter how big our team is now, the core and principles of The S-Unit are unchanged. Customization, technical depth and creativity to offer our customers real added value.

We make the world a little safer. Breaking things to build a better future.

We bring up that bottom stone

We are all hackers with a heart. We are independent and accessible. And are 10 years in business with a lifetime experience in tech. All our people have the drive to continuously discover new threats. That is also our duty. And we sincerely believe that it is only through human ingenuity that we get the bottom stone up. That is why we invest heavily in training and development. But we also work on a social level. For example, we invest in next-generation training and sponsor conferences that focus on security. And then take on the role of knowledge partner.

We are in business. We don't hide behind a screen. With one leg in the community and the other in business, we understand the challenges of different markets and organizations.

ICT, media and communication

Health and social services

Public services
and public administration



Energy, water and minerals


Retail and business services

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